Vacation Is Not An Excuse

“Maintain Your Gains on Vacation”

      Here I am, sitting by the pool in sunny Florida. Soaking up all the Vitamin D and playing my favorite country playlist in the background. Of course, I am here to relax and unwind; aren’t I?!

Well yes but taking time off from work and reality doesn’t always have to mean taking time off from your workout routine.

Giving your body a break from exercise is great, don’t get me wrong! But if you take too much time off, declines in your fitness start after only one week of inactivity. You certainly don’t want to lose all those gains that you have worked so hard for!

Typically, when you are on vacation, you don’t have access to the equipment that you are used to using at home or at the gym. Instead, try some non-traditional exercises such as lap swimming, biking, golfing, or paddle boarding. Another great idea would be to do some pool side yoga or a body weight circuit. Believe it or not, I actually brought my yoga mat with me and I plan on taking a virtual yoga class by the pool!

Really at a loss on how to incorporate exercising into your time off; Use “hidden” equipment. What do I mean by “hidden”?
I’m talking about using a couch for tricep dips or rear foot elevated split squats. Use the stairs for lateral step downs. Stick your feet under a piece of heavy furniture and do some sit ups. Although these types of exercises may not seem as “intense” as what you are used to doing, you are still moving your body and it also gives you a chance to try something new!

Continuing to exercise while you’re away from real life doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you ask me, I think it makes me feel so good when it’s done! Get in a nice 30-45 minute workout and jump in the pool after! Not only does it make you feel good about yourself, but you get to earn those calories you plan on eating when you go out for ice cream after dinner!

It’s super important to keep up with exercising when you’re away because it makes returning to reality that much easier. There have been so many times when I come back from vacation after a week or two and go to the gym and I’m like “Man! I feel like I haven’t exercised in months!”. I just feel so much more fatigued than I did before I left. The soreness is also so much more intense. Obviously, your main priority is to listen to what your body is telling you. So, if you need a couple days to relax, take them, but don’t take too many!