Functional Training Salisbury, MA

Functional Training

The purpose of Functional Training at ProForm PT is to offer global performance that utilizes evidence-based research and integrated clinical techniques to ensure optimal performance. ProForm PT utilizes applied functional science and the principles of Neuromusculoskeletal Chain Reaction Biomechanics to treat and train every client as a unique individual. There are no universal protocols or screens that apply to all clients. Instead, we reveal a process of observation and manipulation to identify dysfunction and create treatments and programs for the specific needs based on patient’s individual abilities and goals.

ProForm PT implements and manages various functional techniques of assessment, rehabilitation, training and conditioning, performance, and prevention.

  • Functional biomechanical Chain Reaction® assessments throughout the body to determine causes, compensations, and symptoms.
  • Three-dimensional functional tests
  • Utilization of Functional Manual Reaction® (FMR), including neurological and soft tissue.
  • Utilize “3D Matrix” exercise programs to facilitate function in all planes of motion.