Kinesio Taping Salisbury, MA

Kinesio Taping

What does “Kinesio taping” mean?

Where cutting edge technology meets old-school pain management, you’ll find an innovative remedy such as Kinesio Taping. The process uses elastic therapeutic tape, which is exponentially more stretchable than traditional types of elastic bandage. Once this tape is stretched out and then secured around the problematic area, the tape will exert a therapeutic pulling force, while still allowing you free range of motion.

What is the science behind Kinesio Taping?

Kinesio Taping has been shown to reduce pain, improve fluid mechanics, improve posture and muscle function, speed recovery and improve sports performance. At ProForm PT we tape for the movement and not the muscles themselves.

The effects of Kinesio Tape create both a mechanical and neurosensory action within the human body. As the Kinesio Tape is very stretchy, there is a mechanical lift or decompression effect that happens to the skin. This creates a lifting of the superficial layers of the skin that effects underlying tissues, which effectively decompresses these deeper tissues where the tape is applied. These changes in mechanical stresses from the tape can alter signaling to the brain as well as change the perception of skin and sometimes joint position. This results in a change of input received from the areas targeted by the tape. Remember…Pain is an output from the brain only!


What problems can Kinesio Taping treat?

When properly applied — and after the patient has been carefully evaluated — Kinesio Taping often allows athletes to get back on the field. Other injured patients find their daily activities made easier, with the support of the taping holding tender areas in place, and preventing over-use of problematic joints and muscles.