Patient Testimonials

  • “Nothing short of miracle workers. Always willing to work with your schedule and give the one on one attention you need while still remaining friendly. Just all-around great people. Would highly recommend anyone give them a shot. You won’t be disappointed.”

    Greg D.

  • “Phenomenal Staff, great environment, professional and fun place to receive physical therapy. Love ProForm!”

    Patricia W.

  • “Great experience and great staff! Facility is easy to get to and I love the flexibility of early morning appointment times. Great way to start my day!”

    Heather B.

  • “They fixed me. They can probably fix you too. ProForm uses many techniques to heal you quickly, including the Graston Technique. They give you the exercises and tools you’ll need to stretch and strengthen yourself to avoid future injuries too. Get in and get better!”

    Michael W.

  • “Relaxed and fun office setting. Very little down time, while there I am either working or being worked on. Not waiting around to be worked on like I have found at other PT practices. Knowledgeable and professional staff with a personal touch!”

     Maya L.