ProForm PT offers a physical therapy-based program that provides a whole-body comprehensive approach to health and wellness. As part of our Wellness Program, we evaluate individuals from head-to-toe allowing us to gain a better understanding of how each person is moving. From there we will formulate an extensive wellness plan that best suits the individual.

Traditional physical therapy, when received through health insurance benefits, can be restricted to a body region. It is often limited in time, resources, and specialized interventions (i.e. Dry Needling, Cupping) due to guidelines put in place by your insurer. You will have the added benefit of access to various tools and treatments that your therapist will administer if indicated to be a beneficial option for you. As many health conditions and issues are multi-factorial in nature, treating a singular body part is inefficient and limiting to your potential for success.

Through our Wellness Program, we aim to supply individuals with the highest quality of care. Be assured that we make it a priority to remain up to date with the current trends and techniques in the field. Although our Wellness Program is not insurance-based, we feel strongly that everyone should have access to the superior physical therapy services we provide.